Haiti’s New Government: Real Change?

Haiti has a new government, but new Prime Minister Ceant’s meetings with the IMF and World Bank do not predict major political or economic shifts. Ceant needs to clear the air on corruption scandals so he can gain the support needed to put Haiti back on the path to sovereignty. View Full Article Here

The Invisible ‘Jungle’ of Calais

On October 25, 2016, French riot police evicted thousands of migrants who had settled in an abandoned landfill adjacent to the port of Calais. They were gathered there hoping to cross the English Channel by any means necessary: stowing away on boats or hiding in the trains, trucks, and buses plying the “Chunnel” linking France... Continue Reading →

Private: Space, female economies, and autonomy in the shotgun neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

This article argues that commercial practices, social relations, and moral obligations in downtown Port-au-Prince shape and are shaped by the vernacular buildings in which they take place. Women living in, and working from, shotgun houses—a structure with a small street facade that allows for both private and commercial life — use these houses to build... Continue Reading →

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